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Professional Installation vs DIY New Window Installation

Professional Installation vs DIY New Window Installation

In the age of YouTube, Pinterest, and WikiHow, it’s easy to think that you can watch a few tutorials and become an expert on window installation. However, installing windows demands experience and advanced knowledge that can’t be found online.

When you choose a professional contractor, you’re not only paying for the materials and their time; you’re also trusting their expertise and skill gained from years of training and experience. This means professional installations provide you with many benefits, including:


Professional expertise also ensures that window installations are done safely. The installation involves handling sharp tools, heavy objects, climbing a ladder, and other hazards, but experienced installers are trained to take safety measures. Failure to do so can result in an injury and damage to windows, walls, frames, and more.

Efficiency and speed 

Installing windows takes time, and that’s even more true for a beginner. A contractor has the experience to work much more efficiently and quickly. While you might need a few days to finish an installation, a professional will usually only take a few hours.

If you perform a window replacement project that involves more windows, the whole process could take you weeks to finish, and you don’t want to leave openings in your home for that long.

Accurate measurements

Window installation is all about precision. If you get the measurement of your window openings wrong, you can’t properly account for the insulation, frame, and clearance. One small mistake could ruin the whole project. Window contractors know how to account for the frame spacing and direct angles.

Better craftsmanship

If a window installation is not done properly, the result will be noticeably different. Improperly installed windows are usually:

  • Less energy-efficient
  • Look worse
  • Are drafty or leaky 
  • Lead to damage that may need repair

Backed by warranty

A professional installation can also come with a warranty that guarantees the quality of the service. If there are any issues with the finished project, the company will take full responsibility and pay for the damage. If you’re installing a window by yourself, however, you have no such warranty. Plus, DIY window installation can also be an unauthorized modification and void the manufacturer’s warranties.

Product advice

Working with a contractor means you get expert advice about technologies and products, as there are so many materials, styles, and advancements. It can be frustrating trying to figure out all the pros and cons. But with the help of a professional, you can find the best products to match your budget and needs.

Proper tools

Along with their skill, professional installers also have the right equipment for replacing a window. For you to buy or rent every tool, you will have to spend much more money. And then you have to think about what to do with them when the project is done. This is an extra expense you would need to include if you decide to install windows yourself.

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