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Latest Trends in Window Replacements

latest trends replacement windows

Homeowners love being able to turn their remodeling visions into reality – including something simple as replacing or upgrading their windows. Ranging from large-scale to small-scale designs – here are the current trends in replacement windows that you can choose from:

Classic meets modern – black window frames

This timeless trend has been around for ages, and it’s doubtful that black will go out of style.  Dark windows, as some would call them, are simple yet versatile. It can give off an essence of sophistication and elegance. Pairing this classic sleek look with any neutral or light-colored tones provides an outstanding contrast that is very popular among contemporary architectural homes.

Black-framed windows can create this illusion of being in an art gallery, with the blackness of the grids outlining the focal point, making it look like a picturesque view. In addition to providing bold contrast, this design can play very well with light, creating a dramatic effect. However, for houses located in areas with warmer climates, be aware that black-framed windows can absorb heat, elevating the usual indoor temperature. As long as homes are equipped with the proper ventilation, this trend is worth the risk. If this doesn’t suit your style, let’s see the following options.

Go big or go home –  window walls 

Seeing that things may take a while before going back to normal, oversized windows prove to be an emerging trend. Designs such as substantial picture windows, floor-to-ceiling, and large bay and bow windows are massively popular in the market because they offer this sense of connectivity to the outdoors.

Furthermore, it utilizes the efficiency of daylighting, a technique that solely relies on natural light to illuminate a given space. That being the reason, these windows are popularly used in conjunction with modern biophilic house designs, which gain from the concept of connectivity to the natural environment via direct or indirect use of nature. Now imagine this, a scenic view being observed from a window spanning from the entirety of a wall. Breathtaking, don’t you think?  

Sustainability is key – energy-efficient windows

Apart from aesthetics, homeowners are shifting towards budget-friendly and sustainable options. These windows are on the rise but it is practically becoming a standard in the window industry. ENERGY STAR® certification is now becoming the norm for window manufacturers and homeowners alike, improving the home’s whole thermal enclosure system and, in doing so, significantly reduces your energy consumption.

One good example of an energy-efficient window is an awning window. Its unique and minimalist style is just the tip of the iceberg. Awning windows provide sufficient ventilation for your homes. It has this crank-out design which operates by simply moving the top hinge to open the window outward. Typically, you can have an awning window open even on rainy days. Because of its outward appearance, you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting soaked since water droplets just easily roll off the window, keeping your house dry.

A unique feature of this window is that you can place it on a higher position on the wall. In addition to that, awning windows can also be grouped with other windows to maximize airflow in living spaces. Lastly, some awning windows come with multi-locks that can give your home some added security. As mentioned earlier, energy efficiency is a must. What used to be a time of single-paned windows is now being replaced by more durable, double or triple-pane windows that will do a much better job keeping your home sustainable.  

Cozy built-in window seats 

For more cozy and intimate settings, window seats are your best bet. This window style can turn any unused space into a snug, comfortable nook that can enhance one’s relaxation time. Another great thing about window seats is the extra storage it comes with. Most designs have fitted cabinets or drawers under the bench and can act as a space saver. Finally, window seats are praised for their versatility.

Latest Trends in Window Replacements

It can practically look great in any corner of your home’s interior – bedroom, entryway, living room, den, kitchen – you name it. With either beautiful bay windows or charming double-hung windows, window seats exude a perfectly tranquil vibe in your home. 

Indoor meets outdoor living – counter windows

For consumers wanting to upgrade their hosting and entertainment areas, counter windows are your cup of tea. Generally known as party windows, this design ingeniously connects the interior of the home, usually the kitchen, to outdoor spaces such as patios or decks, essentially creating this “serving pass-through” system that makes food transportation effortless.

With plenty of natural light and quality choice of window design, counter windows can blur boundaries between indoor and outdoor scenes, making it an excellent upgrade for your kitchen space. 

Personal touch – customized window trims

Plain white synthetic trims are a thing of the past and don’t necessarily scream “replacement windows” anymore. Homeowners are becoming more daring nowadays as people are looking for new ways to make their homes stand out from the crowd.

The solution is customized window trims. Varying from either customized materials such as vinyl windows with a stylish wooden finish like cherry or oak or by mixing and matching color schemes for your window trims, this customizing trend can spruce things up for any home. 

Do not disturb – sound-reducing windows

Outside noise can be a hindrance to daily living, and at the end of the day, we all crave solitude, more so that people continue to work remotely from their homes. In the next few years or so, there will be a surge in demand for sound-reducing windows. 

High-quality and high-performing windows such as these are the answer for those who live in business districts or close to airports and railroads. It plays a key role by absorbing sound instead of transmitting it. This way, noise is reduced, and overall wellness is achieved in the confines of your own home.


Trends come and go, but it’s a good place to start when you’re looking for inspiration. However, before making this decision, you must get the right people for the job. Here at 1-800 HANSONS, not only can they guarantee you superior-quality replacement windows but also our excellent service. Contact us and get a free replacement window estimate today.

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