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Is it Time to Replace Your Sliding Patio Door?

is it time to replace your patio door

Your patio doors are one of your home’s most spectacular architectural features. They drown your living areas in light, provide vistas of your lush landscaping, and boost your curb appeal. Their benefits aren’t limited to their handsome good looks, though. Like all your other windows and doors, they insulate your property, keeping noise outdoors where it belongs.

More importantly, they improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and keep you comfortable on snowy days. If you’re running a whole-home air purifier, they also improve your health by sealing out pollution. For that reason, their lifespan doesn’t end the moment they lose their aesthetic beauty. The average aluminum patio door has a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. As it approaches the end of its long life, its weatherstripping erodes, reducing your total R value and giving drafts room to creep through.

The benefits of premature replacements

Innovation is racing ahead at breakneck speeds in the door industry. The senior citizens of the patio door market offer a meager U-factor of about 0.11. EnergyStar’s highest-rated sliding patio doors now offer a U-factor of up to 0.31. Cladding, premium vinyl frames, glazes, and efficient new composites can achieve far more than that old timber frame you inherited when you bought your house.

This is one of those situations when spending money saves you money. New technology can improve your energy efficiency by up to 40%. If you cut your utility bills by 25%, you can save over $2, 000 a year. That means a new sliding door will pay for itself in under two years. Your new patio installation can achieve an impressive 68% return on investment, so if your existing door offers a U-factor of under 0.20, now is a good time to replace it.

The annoyance of sticky tracks

If you need to practice your favorite wrestling moves to open a sticky sliding door, a roller or track replacement might not do the trick. If cleaning your track and adjusting the rollers doesn’t give you an easy slide, you won’t necessarily be able to find the precise measurements of a new assembly unit.

Sticking might also occur if your door as become unbalanced on its track, and that doesn’t come with an easy fix. Warping is equally likely. If you’re repairing a new installation, a tricky track replacement is well worth the trouble, but if your door’s insulating features leave much to be desired, a full door replacement is a more practical, cost-effective solution.

Insulation woes

Failed insulation produces a few key symptoms. You’ll know you have a problem if:

  • Your door is letting noticeable drafts inside.

  • Water is leaking through when it rains.

  • Your panes are fogging and the seal has failed.

  • You see visible gaps between the door and frame.

A new patio door will seal out drafts, prevent leakage, and provide a clear view of your yard throughout the day. You’ll also see a noticeable reduction in your utility bills.

Security improvements

Today’s sliding patio doors are exceptionally secure. French doors top the list because they rely on a central locking point and sturdy hinges. Bifold French doors are even better, particularly if they’re made from robust materials and have triple-glazed inserts.

Aluminum and composite frames can add to your security, not just in terms of their durability, but their crack resistance as well. If crime levels are climbing in your neighborhood, be sure to add new patio doors to your security renovations.

Creating a stylish home

That archaic sliding door isn’t doing much for your curb appeal, and that can be catastrophic if you’re about to put your home on the market. No buyer wants to deal with a long list of repairs, so chipping paint, scratches, and cracks can devastate your resale price.

Door replacements are one of the most profitable adjustments on the Competitive Market Analysis list. According to the NAR Remodeling Impact Report, they offer buyers an impressive rate of appeal.

What to expect from the replacement process

When you’ve made the decision to let go of those ailing patio doors, your Hanson’s installation crew can get to work on an assessment. If your door opening isn’t a standard size, you might need a customized fit.

We’ll craft your customized replacement doors according to your measurements and selected features. Then we may resize your opening to achieve a tight fit.

New patio doors will allow you to enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home. They’ll add to your quality of life while chipping away at your monthly expenses. If you’re ready to take the plunge, 1-800-HANSONS has the perfect team to have on your side. Our unique customized process assures you of a product that fits your lifestyle as well as it does your pocket.

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