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Is it Time to Replace Your Sliding Patio Door?

Unsure whether it’s time to replace your patio doors? Are you confused about where to start, what the process will look like, and why you should replace them in the first place?Β 

First, let’s get into why you need to replace your patio doors. We’ve already talked about the importance of replacing your windows a lot. If replacement windows can help you save on energy costs, can you imagine how much money a replacement patio door can help you save on heating and air-conditioning costs? The answer is – a lot!Β 

There can be numerous benefits of replacing your sliding doors. When you have your old patio door replaced, you no longer have to struggle with opening and closing them. The required maintenance will also be minimal. And it will improve the general functionality and aesthetic beauty of your home.

But how can you know when your sliding patio door needs replacing? These are the three questions you need to ask before investing in new replacement patio doors.

When should I replace my patio doors?

There are many different ways to determine if your patio doors need replacing. Do you have trouble opening or shutting your patio door? Do the doors leak during a heavy rainstorm? Does moisture seep in between the panes of glass so that they get fogged up? Do you feel less comfortable in your home because you feel an unpleasant draft from the outside?Β 

Place your hands around the doors to see if you can feel any draft. If you do, this not only reduces the overall comfort of your home but will ultimately lead to higher energy bills. Any of these signs might mean that it is time to replace your patio doors.

What can I expect from the replacement process?

Your doors may or may not be of “standard” size, which means the replacement doors need to be customized to fit the size of the opening. We can create replacement patio doors that can fit any space since our doors are custom made for your home. In case you want to change the size of your patio door, we can also resize the opening and produce new doors that fit.

What are the benefits of replacement patio doors?

New patio doors offer endless benefits. When you replace your sliding patio doors, you will prevent drafts, water leaks, and fogged up glass. The patio door will open and lock with ease. The new doors will also make your home more secure and energy-efficient.

Are you ready to enjoy the full comfort of your home again? We’re here for you whenever you’re ready to learn more about replacing your sliding patio doors. Contact us today for an in-home estimate. It’s free!

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