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How to Secure Your Home Windows

Secure Your Home Windows

You might be wondering, if you already have a home security system, why do you need to burglar-proof your windows? This is a good question, but there are still some additional precautions you can take to help improve your security against burglars who aren’t trying to come through the door. If they can easily get in or crack your windows, you should think about more ways to secure your home. 

In fact, windows are the most common means entrance in the spring and summertime, so many intruders look for open windows. They’re also paying attention to vulnerabilities, like old windows with faulty locks. They will try to find windows that have shrubs or trees blocking them, which can provide good coverage. 

So what can you do to prevent the burglars from breaking in through your window? 

First, make sure you check your windows regularly for:

  • Gaps between the frames and windows 
  • Broken locks 
  • Unlocked or open windows
  • Bushes that block the view
  • A good window lock
  • Additional window safety devices

How to Secure Your Home Windows

Faulty window locks make an easy way for a burglar to enter your home, so you need to check your locks regularly and look for signs of attempted entry. If the lock is broken, you need to replace it right away; the easier it is for an intruder to get in, the higher the probability that the burglary will actually occur. 

One option is to get keyed locks. However, you also need a way to quickly get out of the windows, especially in emergencies like a fire. Another way is locking pins for double-hung windows. By installing a locking pin in the windows, you can stop intruders from lifting the sash.


Alarms are the most popular security devices since they are an excellent way to keep the appeal of your home but also enhance its security. Most home alarms involve a contact or magnetic sensor that works using two pieces. An alarm will go off when contact is broken. The alarm is typically connected to a company that will be notified if a forced entry occurs. Keep in mind that this kind of service usually comes with a monthly fee. There are also motion sensors that can detect motion through temperature changes, and photo-beam alarms that use light beams. Another option is a shock alarm, which goes off if the window gets broken.

Security Window Film

Security window film prevents the window from being broken by an attempt of forced entry. The glass will be broken but won’t fall out, which creates a deterrent for a burglar, and the thicker the film, the better the protection. You can choose film with or without tint, and it usually offers UV protection as well.

Decorative Window Security Bars

Thick security bars, when installed across the window, make it literally impossible for an intruder to enter the home.

A common misconception is that security bars have to look unattractive. Wrought iron windows bars are usually associated with unsafe neighborhoods, so homeowners worry that installing them will make their home look like a prison. But today, it’s possible to find attractive bars for windows that can secure your house. With a wide range of available styles and designs, you will surely find the right option for your taste. Window security bars are also available at a variety of price points, so you will probably find something that fits your budget.

Security bars are a great option because even when the window is locked, an intruder can break the glass and open the window. Besides physically preventing entry to your home, security bars visibly show that your home is secure, which should deter potential burglars in the first place. If you don’t want windows bars on more prominent areas, at least consider installing them on basement windows, which are usually an easy access point for criminals.

Window Security Locks

You may wonder what the point of securing your home windows is, when the glass is easy to break, and intruders can still get in. This is a valid question.

The point of having window locks is keeping people out, as well as keeping people in, since it eliminates an exit for an intruder. They would have to break a locked window to make it possible to escape, and, of course, glass can not easily be broken with no noise.

There are two types of locks:

Window latch

This is the most common type of window security lock and is typically found on newly installed windows. They are simple, affordable, and easy to use. However, they do not offer the best window security. 

Key locks

These are window security locks that offer an additional layer of security for your home. They can be used on most types of windows and are secured on the window pane. Naturally, they need to have a key to unlock. 

Sometimes, you need to worry about more than keeping a burglar out of your home. You also have to consider ways to keep your children from falling from the windows. This is why you might want to install a child safety lock on the window. They allow the windows to open a bit, but not enough for a child to climb out or for someone to reach in an arm.

Window Sensors 

Window sensors are must-haves for your home security systems—they can quickly notify you if someone tries to access your home through a window. Here’s how it works: a magnet and a switch attach to a window frame and pane, and as long as the window is closed, the magnet keeps the switch’s circuit intact. Once the window is opened, and the magnet is pulled away, the circuit opens and sends a signal to the alarm.

Secure Your Windows

The technology behind it is relatively simple, and there are reliable window security devices you can even install yourself. 

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