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How to Choose a Siding Company

choosing a siding company

Choosing a siding company is never an easy task. There are many things that you need to take into account, and overlooking specific details can spell more trouble, headaches, and expenses down the line. But this shouldn’t discourage you from changing the siding on your house – quite the opposite. 

There are several telltale signs that you can look for that will let you know whether you’re dealing with a good contractor or not. These will help you make the best possible choice when looking for a quality home improvement project. 

Below are several such signs and questions you can ask to make the best possible and most informed decision. 

Do They Specialize in Siding?

One of the most critical aspects of siding companies that you are considering is whether they specialize in siding. Some such contractors may specialize in other areas of home improvement and only do siding jobs as a complimentary service. In these cases, you may get a less-than-ideal job due to their lack of experience. 

This doesn’t mean that you should stay away from companies that specialize in other types of home projects. It just means that you should make sure the company in question has sufficient experience with siding.  

The Siding Products and Materials They Use

Another important aspect that you need to take into consideration during the selection process is the type of siding materials and products they use. Some companies that work with multiple manufacturers products may not always have what you are looking for in stock. 

However, companies that work with a single manufacturer and use their products consistently will be able to guarantee the product’s quality and availability. They will also have a better understanding, knowledge, and experience in handling those products. You will get higher-quality work. 

What Documentation Do They Have?

When vetting siding companies, they should be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance, and they should have liability and workers compensation insurance. If an accident occurs on your property, their insurance will cover all bills. If not, however, everything will fall on you.  

Such siding companies should also be licensed to do siding jobs in your state. Knowledge about local and state building codes is important for siding installation or similar projects. If the contractor is not licensed, any legal issues that may come up during or after the job will again fall on you. 

What’s Their Track Record?

Last but not least, you should make sure that they have a good track record. Keep in mind that this record doesn’t have to be spotless since there is always someone who can’t be satisfied. But what you should look for is worrying patterns with previous customers complaining about poor craftsmanship, late schedules, and any other similar issues. A well-established company with a long-standing and good reputation in the community is imperative when choosing siding companies. 

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