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Can You Do Home Renovations in Winter?

home improvement in the winter

Winter is the perfect time to give your home a face lift. While your summer barbecues and parties die down, you have plenty of time to shop around for all those home renovations you’ve been putting off for years. The snow and rain have a way of pushing insulation to the top of your priority list. Your home doesn’t need to feel like a walk-in freezer, so why not reduce your winter energy bills by adding to your R-value? A cozier home isn’t the only benefit to winter renovations, of course. Let’s take a look.

Most construction companies don’t shut down during winter. As business wanes, they take on wintry jobs like snow removal, vacation lighting, and carpet cleaningโ€”anything to keep the income pouring in while homeowners are requesting fewer remodels. If you winter overseas, you can achieve extreme renovations without the inconvenience, dust, and mess. Simply vacate for the season while your contractor does all the hard work.

Are Contractors Cheaper in Winter? ย 

The law of supply and demand swings in your favor in winter. Fewer people renovate at this time of year, so builder availability soars. That comes with a natural decrease in costs. It also strengthens your negotiating position, so be sure to take advantage. Winter discounts will let you add to your vacation spending money and, since your renovators aren’t working on a chaotic schedule, you should see an improvement in work quality as well.

The Practicalities of Winter Renovations

Many home improvements are best reserved for winter:

  • Window replacements are more accurate in chilly weather when fissures and cracks start inviting drafts indoors. Your doors’ wear and tear reveals itself best in cold weather, too.
  • Your outdoor areas aren’t in use, so you can safely refurbish your swimming pool and patio. Contractors won’t trample on your freshly planted spring flower beds, and your landscape will recover far more easily once spring arrives.
  • If you tend to suffer from seasonal affective disorder, a lighting makeover could even help you to survive the winter in good spirits. Cheerful new fixtures will add to your comfort and mood.
  • Winter light gives you a more accurate view of hues and tones, so any renovation that affects your palette is best handled in winter. The late winter air will dry your new coat faster. Even better, the season will give you an impressive reduction in the price of your paints.
  • Winter is perfect for smaller renovations like fixture replacements.
  • What better time to install a tankless water heater than when your family is taking extra-long showers that leave you without hot water?
  • Winter can feel gloomy, so now’s the time to add a splash of color to your home. Palette updates don’t need to include complicated renovations. Updated backsplashes, wall treatments, and cabinet faces can have a powerful effect on the cheerfulness of your home.

Handling Insulation in Winter

Winter is when you feel your lack of insulation the most, so it’s only natural for it to rise to the top of your priority list when you start feeling a chill in the air. Choppy weather also gives your contractor an easier way to identify failures in your existing insulation, so you’re assured of a more thorough job than is possible in the summer. You can also assess breaks in your R-value long before you hire a renovator. Simply pay attention to small temperature differences as you move about your home. Drafty areas and cold surfaces will tell you exactly where to focus your new insulation.

Fire Preparedness

Your fire safety equipment needs to be assessed before December strikes. Early winter is thus the perfect time to make sure your suppression equipment is fully charged and serviced. A comprehensive inspection should also include your detectors’ expiration dates and power sources. Consider upgrading if there have been any fire code changes over the last year.

Renovations to Save for Summer

Winter temperatures aren’t ideal for all forms of renovation, particularly when they include excavation. It’s particularly difficult to pour concrete in cold weather. Your renovator will need three days of above-freezing temperatures before they can handle this task, and the weather isn’t always easy to predict. If you want to add rooms or a basement to your home, it’s best to wait for summer. If you’re determined to benefit from winter prices, plan your renovation for the first days of the cold season.

Summers are primed for vacations, swimming trips, and parties. Why interfere with all that entertainment when you can save your renovations for the winter months? Face the chilly season with a refreshed, cozy home by giving your property the face lift it deserves. You won’t regret it, and nor will your pocket.

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