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Benefits of New Insulation When Getting a New Roof

benefits of insulation

There’s a reason why you name that a “roof over your head” is one of the things you’re most grateful for. Your roof is what protects your home, your possessions, and most especially your loved ones from the elements. While a new roofing system is indeed not cheap; it’s an investment that will leave you with no regrets. So when it comes to your roof, you want to ensure it’s doing its job efficiently.

If you live in a region that experiences all the seasons, then you’re no stranger to cold winter months and hot summer days. During the cold season, you worry about keeping the house sufficiently warm while also ensuring your energy bills stay reasonably low. And just like a significant percent of our body heat escapes through the head, a percentage of your home’s temperature is lost through the roof, particularly the attic space.

Seasonal Concerns

During the summer, on the other hand, you’ll find that all the rooms under the roof are comparatively warmer and therefore, demand more energy to keep cool. The solution to keeping your energy costs down regardless of the season is to insulate your attic or roof. Insulation keeps your home cozy and warm during the winter, yet cool during the summer.

Insulating your attic and roof not only lowers your energy bills but you’re also reducing the house’s carbon footprint, giving you peace of mind. And because a well-insulated roof would be considered an upgrade, you’re also increasing your home’s value.

Roof and Attic Insulation

Insulation is placed directly under the roof rafters to stop heat from the roof surface of entering the attic. Insulating the roof means your attic is not heating up and radiating the heat downwards, causing the rooms below to suffer. The same principle applies to winter. A cold attic means the places closest to it would be colder than all the others in the house. Insulating the roof means that the attic temperature is controlled and not too influenced by the outside temperature.

Insulation is also a great way to prevent future damage to your roof. When the heat in your home rises, it warms your roof enough to melt the snow on your roof. When this happens, you end up with ice dams, moisture, and condensation which all can potentially compromise the state of your roof. Improper insulation also leads to warm moist air getting trapped; this leads to mold formation which not only ruins your roof but is harmful to the health of everyone who lives in your home.

Homeowner Choices

The material used to insulate your roof will depend mainly on your house and the climate in your area. Many homeowners would typically choose from fiberglass, blown-in cellulose, or spray foam. Find a contractor who uses use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to measure your home’s energy loss. This allows them to determine precisely where to place insulation. This will both improve your home’s comfort level and lower your energy bills.

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