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Seven Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

ways to upgrade your bathroom

No room celebrates self-care and serenity quite as much as your bathroom. This is where you retreat at the end of a 12-hour workday. This is where you recharge in solitude and where you prepare for a new day. It should live up to its role in your life, but not all budgets leave room for a full renovation. With a little cleverness and plenty of imagination, you can give this space a dramatic facelift without remodeling it entirely. Here are seven ways to upgrade your bathroom.

Upgrade your shower

2022 was the year of the shower. Vintage hardware was all the rage, with innovations transforming humble fixtures into cutting-edge luxuries. Smart showers warm to your desired temperature the moment you walk in the door. Digital faucets turn on with the wave of a hand, and ventilation systems keep mildew at bay.

Not all updates are wi-fi connected, though. Water savings have been a design priority for years, and today, smart water monitors can pick up leaks from microscopic water pressure changes. If your upgrade goals are a little more practical, wheelchair access has never been more stylish. A one-level wet room is an elegant way to make your entire space more accessible to the older residents in your home.

Invest in a luxury tub

Like showers, tubs have become increasingly luxurious in recent years. Designers have revolutionized tubs with non-slip coatings. WaterSense technology has reduced environmental impact as well as utility bills. Not all innovations are practical, though. Today’s beautiful soaking tubs can improve circulation, reduce pain, and even turn on an essential oils diffuser via Alexa. If that’s not luxurious enough for you, you might want to add warming drawers to keep your towels toasty.

Reface your surfaces

A bathroom facelift can refresh the aesthetics of your space without requiring a full gutting. It usually entails the replacement of cabinet doors, floor, and wall treatments. This way, you can add a new palette and texture range without paying for new cabinets. With a few new textiles and paintings, your bathroom will be completely renewed.

Update your windows

When you think of bathroom upgrades, windows probably don’t come to mind immediately, but these features are an inherent part of this space. Casement windows can improve your lighting and enhance narrow walls. Frosted or textured glass can enhance your privacy and add to your luscious texture palette. Skylights can transform an ordinary soak in the tub into a consummate sensory experience. Now all you need are some louver blinds or an outdoor screen. We can’t have the neighbors peeking in.

Update your grout

No bathroom can look its best with dark, moldy grout. It’s difficult to clean and looks tired against light, contemporary tiles. Today’s grout needn’t be bland. Tile joints are available in a huge range of tones and stain-free materials. They can resist microbes, water, and thermal transfer. Alternatively, you can do away with grout altogether by adding a no-tile tile wall, which mimics the grout aesthetic without the drawbacks.

Add new wall treatments

Your walls bring your entire bathroom design together. Chosen well, they can give your room an entirely new, cohesive aesthetic. Stone walls are lighter than ever, so their prices are becoming increasingly affordable. This ancient material is naturally mold-resistant and adds elegance to your bathroom.

Granite is a popular choice for its extreme durability and water resistance, but ceramic tiles are equally beautiful. If you’re looking for a more functional, affordable upgrade, vinyl-coated wallpaper is all the rage. It handles ambient moisture like a pro. For a quick, easy fix, a new coat of paint can have revolutionary effects. No wall treatment can beat the affordability of paint.

Add water efficient products

The latest faucets can achieve water flow rates of under six liters a minute without suffering a loss of pressure. Smart water technology can run automated tests to detect leaks while you’re going about your day. You can control them from any device or simply rely on voice activation. A seamless connection to a digital platform allows you to create presets for every member of the family.

Your shower is probably the heaviest water guzzler in your home, so a water-efficient shower head should be at the top of your priority list. WaterSense-labeled low-flow products can save you as much as 2, 700 gallons of water every year. Now you can be a true eco-warrior and still enjoy a luxurious shower.

Bathroom renovations can deliver a return on investment of 70% or more. They’ll bolster your home’s resale price and reduce your utility costs, so your bank account wins on all fronts. Smart technology has become so advanced you might feel you’re living in a sci-fi universe, but every innovation adds to your self-indulgence—and if bathrooms should achieve anything, it’s extravagance.

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