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Are Casement Windows Better?

Are Casement Windows Better

Our casement windows are fusion welded for enhanced strength, corrosion resistance, and better thermal performance. Last but not least, our window replacements come with an unlimited lifetime warranty! Let’s find out if casement windows are the right choice for you.

Casement windows have a more traditional window style, are less decorative, and are among the easiest to recognize. You will find them to be vertical rectangles with a single pane of glass. How they operate is what makes them distinctive. Instead of sliding up and down (like hung windows) or side to side (like slider windows), casement windows have a hinges at the side and usually open outward. 

Casement windows may be your best choice if you’re looking for good replacement windows. They can come single or in pairs and remain open by using casement stays.

How Casement Windows Work

Casement windows have two or more hinges on the side (similar to door hinges) that allow for a 90-degree movement. For a weather-tight and secure seal, they have an easy-to-reach level that simultaneously activates multiple locks. Simple casements have a handle that activates a curved hook that secures onto the window sash. 

They can be made of any material, including aluminum, wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl. Typically, they come with double-pane glass but customization allows the to have triple layers to be more energy efficient.

Casement Windows vs Other Window Types

Vs Double Hung

Both casement and double hung windows can be used with a variety of architectural styles. Casements have a sleek and unobtrusive look that makes them very popular in modern design. On the other hand, double hung windows have come to be associated with traditional Georgian and Victorian design.

Casement windows tend to be tall and narrow and swing out vertically. Modern casement windows have one panel of glass. This makes for an uninterrupted view of the outside. Double hung windows usually have two panels that open by either sliding up and down or from side to side.

Vs Awning

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward, while awning windows are hinged at the top. Casements are used for openings where the height is greater than the width. Awning windows, on the other hand, are made for openings in which the width is greater than the height. Casement windows are the only window type available that fully open, which makes them easy to clean. Awning windows have the benefit of rain running off the opened window, so it does not get inside.

The two window types are very similar in many aspects: great ventilation, easy cleaning and unobstructed views. An awning window is kind of like a casement turned 90 degrees!

Vs Picture Window

Casements open and close for ventilation, while picture windows are fixed with tight seals. If you want the feel of a gentle breeze flowing through your home, then casements are the way to go. Both are great for an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Vs Sliding Window

Both casement and sliders are perfect for creating expansive viewing areas and allowing ventilation for your home. The main difference: a slider window may last longer because it has fewer moving parts. Let’s not give up on casements just yet. A casement is much easier to clean both sides and some experts believe they seal better than a slider.

Advantages of Casement Windows

Style versatility. Modern casements offer a more streamlined and modern aesthetic. Window grids divide them into several panes, or you can go for an unobstructed view. Casements have more design versatility and can find their place in any home design. 

Energy efficiency

When it’s closed, a window sash presses against the frame, creating an airtight seal that improves insulation and energy efficiency.

Better security

casement windows have embedded hook-shaped locks, which are impossible to reach from outside. That makes them tough to break, and burglars don’t see them as vulnerabilities or weak spots. Also, they make a great fire escape in case of a fire emergency.

More fresh air

They allow for better airflow in and out of your home because they open and close smoothly. 

Enhanced home appearance

They have a beautifully beveled design that accentuates the glass, are elegant, and have a 90-degree movement. They look beautiful anywhere in a house and can instantly modernize it.

When looking for a replacement window, there are a few things you should take into consideration. The first one is the climate (general weather and temperatures), which dictates whether you’ll need single, double, or triple pane windows. If you are more interested in air infiltration, casement windows are a good option because their casement sash and seal meet straight on. They can provide air movement whenever you want it.

With 1-800-HANSONS, you will get elegant casements that will add a touch of minimalism to your home. For enhanced strength, thermal performance, and corrosion resistance, our windows use fusion welding. We use specially formulated vinyl and rust-resistant hardware that will make sure your new windows won’t bind or stick.

Our casement windows come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. If you are ready to install high-quality replacement windows in your home, call us for a FREE window replacement estimate today!

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