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Roofing Contractors: The Ultimate Hiring Checklist

The roof is arguably the most important part of any house. It protects you, your family, and your belongings from the elements. Over time, all of these forces will affect the condition of your roof. When you’re looking for roofing contractors, you need to make sure that they’re qualified, they have the necessary expertise, and that they’re overall reliable. Here is a checklist that will allow you to narrow down your search and only work with the best. 

Governmental Regulations Compliance

For every field, there is a set of rules and regulations. When it comes to contractors, they need to look out for their employees’ safety as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You’ll need to make sure that your roofing contractor is following these standards. 

Proof of Liability Insurance

Your roof contractor should also have general liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance. Also, make sure that the Insurance Certificate also specifies roof repair and installation because not all do. Dealing with such a contractor may seem tempting, especially if they’ll offer you a lower price. But if any damages occur to your home or if anybody is injured on your property, you may be exposed to tremendous liability. Even if the contractor is at fault. 

Certification from the Manufacturer

Contractors that are certified for roofing material manufacturers are better than those who aren’t. The main difference between these two types of contractors is the manufacturer trains and certifies one on how to install a roof correctly when using their materials. Also, they’ll be able to offer you a manufacturer’s warranty, covering you for any installation errors or other types of defects down the line.

Timeline and detailed Scope of Work

Another important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the timeline and complete scope of work, warranty, and payment schedule. All of these should be in writing, clear, and well defined. They should also include the brand and quantity of the roofing materials used. Also, discuss any incidental costs such as worksite preparation, removal, hauling, damage repair, etc. 


Good and professional roofing contractors will always respond to your calls, emails, and messages, regardless of how busy they are. Having a seamless and prompt communication is vital, especially during the middle of the roofing installation project. If they fail to respond on time or don’t send you the information you requested, chances are you’re dealing with someone who’s too busy, understaffed, or disorganized. In any case, this is a red flag. 

Reputation and Referrals

Another piece of useful advice is to look up the contractor for any reviews from past clients. You can do this online, either on their website as well as on independent websites that collect reviews. These will provide you with a clear picture as to the quality of work you can expect to receive. Nevertheless, it’s always better to ask the contractor for a list of people who wouldn’t mind if you gave them a call. You can ask them about how the work progressed, if there were any incidents, damages, etc. 

Though it may be a bit more time consuming, all of these checks will ensure that you’re working with a reliable professional. With 1-800-HANSONS, you will always be on the safe side. With over 30 years of experience and well over 180,000 satisfied customers across the country, we will provide value every single time.

To avoid any headaches in the future, the important thing is to choose roofing contractors that are reliable, and who will make your life easier and your wallet secure as much as possible. To stay on the safe side, click here for a FREE estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.


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