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Window Grid Types for Your Home

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If you’ve decided to replace your windows for more energy-efficient ones, you have many options when it comes to window grid types. These stylish grids can enhance your home’s interior. Window grids are narrow, square patterns that fit inside a window to create a specific visual appeal. Most window grids are fragile and can break easily because they’re made from thin strips of wood joined with half-lap joints.

Window grids are suitable for windows, as well as buffets or china cabinets, and they all work similarly. If you would like to spice up the look of your home, you can choose replacement windows with grids. Whether you’re ordering single, double, or triple-pane windows, casement windows, or picture windows, you can use grids to add your personal style. 

What Are Window Grids?

Often called grilles or muntins, window grids are the crisscross, non-glass patterns you see on many windows. Without them, windows would be pure glass, without anything changing that look. 

Grids used to have an important function in the past. Glass wasn’t as abundant as it is today, and the bigger the glass panes got, the harder it was to transport them. That’s why many opted to ship them in smaller panes that wouldn’t break so easily. Then, the people who received them could connect the smaller panes with grids and create full windows for their homes.

However, since glass is abundant and cheap today, people mostly use windows with grids for aesthetics. On top of that, they are mainly on the outside, which makes houses look better overall. 

Now that you know what grids are, it’s time to answer the most important question: Should you get them?

Replacement Window Grids or No Grids?

As grids are mostly about looks nowadays, it all comes down to your personal taste. If you like how windows look with grids, then you should get them, and if not, you should get replacement windows with no grids. It’s as simple as that. 

However, there are still a few things that you should be aware of:

  • Windows without grids are easier to clean, as there are no obstacles in the glass. However, some windows with grids, especially when they are on the inside of the window, can still be cleaned with ease. What’s more, if you have double-pane windows, the grids can be placed in between, making cleaning a breeze while keeping the unique style of window grids.
  • When it comes to beauty, it has to be mentioned that window grids can create some beautiful lighting effects inside as the sun rays pass through each of the glass panes separately, and if you’ve seen this in action, you’ll know how stunning it looks. 
  • Colonial-style homes benefit from window grids the most, as that style rarely goes without grids. Contemporary and ultra-modern homes look best without grids.
  • Grids are known to obstruct the view you have through the window. So, you should only get replacement windows with grids if you don’t care much about the view, or if it doesn’t matter that much to you. 

Window Grid Styles

Classic window grids

offer a traditional and simple look. They are available in dark oak, light oak, narrow-brass, white, beige, and cherry wood grain finishes. Contoured grids are also available in these finishes, but they feature a molded cut wood look. The grids are also between the window panes to make cleaning easier.

Colonial grids

This is the most common style of window grids that you will see today. Typically, these grids split the window pane into several panes that consist of either 4, 6, or 9 panes. They give off a clean appearance with a touch of classic elegance. Usually, windows with colonial grid patterns pair nicely with architectural windows for a unique look.

Prairie grids

This grid style is often found in older American homes but is becoming popular with modern homeowners as well. The prairie grid pattern consists of 9 unequally-sized panes per pane of glass or sash in a window. The center pane is surrounded by 4 panes (rectangular) and 4 small panes in each corner of the window. Since they create an illusion of having more light, these grids create a sense of larger space.

Diamond grids

Diamond grid patterns are usually used as accent windows to make other windows stand out. They are seen in expensive homes, and they’re reminiscent of classic European architecture. If you own a Tudor, Victorian, or neo-Victorian style home, these architectural styles almost demand grids with diamond patterns.

Installing replacement windows with grids is an excellent aesthetic choice for traditional architectural styles but also a great way to add a vintage charm to any home. Regardless of the design, grid windows have a distinct look that adds character to any view. A simple addition of a classic grid pattern with hand-crafted detailing can help homeowners capture the feel and style of the past times, adding serenity and warmth to your home’s interior.

1-800-HANSONS uses custom built grids with attention paid to every detail, because details can make a world of difference in your home. All of the mentioned window grid patterns are available on all window replacement, specialty, and new construction models at 1-800-HANSONS. Additionally, we use Insulated Glass Unit to enclose grids, so they don’t interfere with cleaning. Call us to request a FREE estimate for window replacement. Choose the right grids to match the style of your home.

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