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Picture Window Installation

picture window installation

Picture windows are stationary and actually can not open. This is why they are more energy-efficient and can be of larger sizes than a regular window that vents. They can often be used in various combinations to maximize the view.

Picture window installation

Replacing an old window or installing a picture window where there wasn’t one before will add great value to your home and make everyday life more enjoyable. A room with plenty of light and a gorgeous view is as good to the soul as it is to your equity.

Follow these easy instructions, and you will soon be able to enjoy yourself.

Remove a Worn Window

  • Make a Criss-cross with duct tape over the panes of glass. This will help you to avoid them breaking and causing injury while you’re removing them.
  • Pry off the trim work, and take care not to destroy it as it can be reinstalled.
  • Cut along the edge of the window using a utility knife to remove the seal of paint or caulk.Β 
  • Go out and carefully take out any siding in the way of the windows.
  • Start from the bottom. Pull the nails out, and set the siding aside. Again, try to cause as little damage as possible, as you will need to reinstall the siding.
  • Remove the nails securing the window using a cat’s claw.
  • Now Carefully take out the old window from the wall.

Installing a Picture Window

  • First, make sure that the new picture window will fit in the opening. Put the window in the opening, and make sure that it will fit when squared.
  • Cut any enlargements necessary to fit the window.
  • Install metal flashing in all the top corners to stop moisture from entering.
  • Place the window into the opening and make sure it fits the level and square. This is vital for the window to work correctly. Slide shims if you need to bring the window into the position.
  • Screw the window temporarily into place.
  • Put the shims in place to securely hold the window in a proper position.
  • Fill remaining gaps on all sides of the window with fiberglass insulation. This will provide energy efficiency for windows.
  • Reattach trim on the inside of the home. Then reattach the siding on the outside of the house. Caulk around the outside of the window using an exterior caulk.


Replacing and installing picture windows is not as easy as it might look. It’s certainly not a job for one person. Always look for help; otherwise, you might risk serious injury. Always wear gloves to avoid cuts and goggles to protect your eyes.


  • Duct tape
  • Utility knife
  • Cat’s claw or small pry bar
  • Hand protection
  • Eye protection
  • Flashing
  • New picture window
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Shims
  • Level
  • Caulk
  • Insulation
  • Gloves

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