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Is it Possible to Replace My Windows in the Winter?

replacing windows in the winter

A common but understandable misconception about home renovation projects is that you should never do them during the cold, winter months. Many homeowners don’t feel comfortable with the idea of taking out their windows during this time, or they think that sealants won’t settle appropriately in cold weather.

But the reality is entirely different. The majority of window installers will adapt to these conditions by making use of materials that don’t lose their properties when temperatures fall well below freezing point. In other words, it’s entirely possible to install new windows even if the outside temperature is as low as -4F. In other words, it’s okay to do a project during winter, although the process is somewhat different than during summer.

Winter vs. Summer Window Installation

Even though there aren’t many differences between winter and summer time window installations, the two processes are somewhat different. One major factor that needs consideration during winter is the overall energy loss of the house. As a consequence, the work is usually done one window at a time. In other words, the installer will make sure that every window finishes before starting on the next one.

A principle of a good installer is that they will always ensure that they will keep the doors in the house closed for as much as possible. Likewise, they will use tarps and wear booties to ensure that water and mud will not find its way into the home.

What people should try to avoid doing during the cold months is bow and bay windows, as well as applying the finish to windows with aluminum cladding. These require specific procedures that don’t work equally as well in cold or freezing temperatures.

Probably the biggest issue with winter installations is precipitation, not the temperature. If it’s raining, snowing, or there’s significant wind, most companies will not work. They will typically wait until the weather clears up. The same holds for summertime, but during winter, there’s a higher chance of inclement weather.

The Benefits of Winter Installation

There are, of course, several benefits to installing windows in the winter, as opposed to summer. For starters, winter is the best time to determine whether there are any existing problems with your windows. As temperatures drop, materials contract which can lead to leaks and drafts. A project consultant will thus be able to determine better which windows may need replacing and which may only need a few minor repairs.

Another benefit of changing windows in the winter is that you can get a better price on them. Like we mentioned, people are generally reticent to doing these sorts of renovations during the colder months. As this results in many contractors having fewer jobs, they may be willing to give you a considerable discount. Another excellent reason for doing this in winter is that you can have better flexibility in regards to the installation dates. The same thing cannot be said about the summer months when most contractors are booked weeks or even months in advance.

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