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How to Replace Aluminum Windows

How to Replace Aluminum Windows

Not every window replacement will go smoothly. While the removal of old aluminum windows can be challenging, it will definitely be worth it.

What You’ll Need

The window replacement process starts long before the installation. Usually, you can get windows of the same size to replace the old ones with no problem. Take all corner measurements before buying new windows to be sure that they will fit into the openings with minimal alterations made. When shopping for new windows, be sure that you are buying ones that match your needs and that they have a proper warranty that covers you in the case of breaks and shatters during installation.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Window

The first step is to take out the old window frames and put them aside. Generally, the framing for aluminum is very leaky in terms of air pressure, since they are just screwed into the window. The frames are held in with screws that go through the window jamb and into the framing of your house.Β 

Take out the windows to keep them from falling out while dismantling them and put them aside. They should have pins that you can slide to the sides to remove the windows from the frame. If you pull the window out toward you and give it a 45-degree turn, they should come right out.

Next, unscrew the metal jamb from the space where your aluminum window frames come together. The screws should be found along the top and bottom of the frame. Just remove them, and the jamb should simply fall out without much effort. When the old aluminum frame is clear, you should have the 2×4 wall studs across all sides of the opening.

Step 2 – Inserting the New Framing

Once your metal window frames are out of the way, you need to install your new sill. Check your measurements before going forward to avoid having to repeat your work. If your window is bigger than your opening, you may need to extend the opening so that it will fit. In order to do this, you can use a crowbar to pull out the old studs and then extend them as necessary, but remember to leave 1 to 2 inches around the edges of the jamb to allow for further adjustments.

Step 3 – Installing the Windows

Now you should have a new window in place where your old aluminum window frames used to be. You will need to use your level and shims to make sure they are level and correctly situated before you attach them to the frame. This is to be sure that your windows will open and have a good seal when they are closed. Once you are sure everything is level, attach the window frame trimming, which will help hide the working parts of your window.

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