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1-800-HANSONS Named One of the Nation’s Largest Remodelers

Home improvement company 1-800-HANSONS has recently been recognized by Qualified Remodeler, a renowned media outlet that supports independent remodeling companies, as being one of the nation’s largest remodelers in 2019. Qualified Remodeler provides the latest home improvement news via monthly publications for industry professionals and homeowners across the country. 

With over thirty years of experience and more than 180,000 satisfied customers across America, 1-800-HANSONS has been serving Michigan communities in areas such as Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Saginaw, and Troy. The company has been steadily expanding its operations across the United States, encompassing more and more areas. The steadily-expanding home remodeling company has also been awarded the Qualified Remodeler’s “Top 200 Home Improvement Professionals” since 2010.

1-800-HANSONS has also added an office in Toledo, Ohio, and they are already serving in locations in Denver (CO), Omaha (NE), Sioux Falls (SD), Des Moines (IA), and Salt Lake City (UT). 

This year, the company was featured in Qualified Remodeler’s 2019 Top 500 Annual Ranking of the Nation’s Largest Remodelers. 1-800-HANSONS has been ranked as #15 out of the total 500 recipients, with 7,960 remodeling jobs and counting.  

1-800-HANSONS’ CEO, Steve Silvers, has been taking an initiative in building the already-successful home remodeling company. “As we’ve prepared our plans for 2019, we can already see that more change is coming,” says CEO Steve Silvers, “This will be the year that we become a world-class home improvement company.”

The Key to Success

Making it in the top 20 on this list was no easy task, nor was it something out of the realm of possibility. At 1-800-HANSONS, “customer satisfaction” is one of the key reasons for their success. As Steve Silvers says: “Our successful growth and expansion of the 1-800-HANSONS brand will be heavily influenced by our ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience. That’s why we put a lot of effort to achieve the best user experience for our clients.”

1-800-HANSONS takes pride in the work they do. They don’t cut corners and only provide the best quality materials and craftsmanship. All of the materials used are American-made, and the skilled labor and attention to detail match the quality of their products. Their mission is to provide homeowners all across the nation with a worthwhile home improvement investment that will make their homes brighter and look new again. 1-800-HANSONS also provides the most affordable prices in your area. 

1-800-HANSONS services include:

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