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Gutter Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Every house needs to have gutters; we all know that. However, gutter extensions are also quite necessary.

In this article, we wanted to talk more about them, so you understand this necessity. We will cover what they are and everything else you need to know about them.

What Are Gutter Extensions?

Gutter extensions are also sometimes called downspout extensions. They are simple attachments added to the ends of gutter downspouts to ensure that the rainwater is channeled away from the house.

The entire gutter system is essential for your house. It ensures that rainwater doesn’t stick to your home and cause moisture and mold problems on the inside. Plus, the system keeps the roof and the siding safe from harm.

The water and debris in it flow through the downspout and empty around the house. However, this can easily create big puddles of mud around your home, which is why gutter extensions are essential as well. Naturally, you can omit the extensions and let the pools form. However, this won’t only be visually unpleasant; it can also cause erosion of the lawn and the eventual flooding of your basement or crawl spaces. It can even create cracks in the foundation of your house.

Gutter extensions can solve this problem as they come in many shapes and sizes. You merely need to choose the one that suits your needs. This part raises another question we need to address.

How Far Away from House Should Gutters Drain?

The simplest answer would be as far away as possible. Only that way can you be entirely satisfied that nothing will happen to your home as a result of that excess water.

However, building code today stipulates that ten feet away from the foundation of the house is sufficient.

Naturally, you have to take into account the slope of the ground where you’re placing the extensions. You need to make sure that the water won’t be coming back towards the house due to a slope.

How Do You Hide Downspouts on Gutters?

All of this is great, but many people dislike gutter systems and individual downspouts because of their looks. Most people also hate the fact that they have to clean them occasionally. 

You can’t avoid cleaning, unfortunately, but you certainly can camouflage the downspouts and make them unnoticeable. You can do that in two ways that always work:

  • Paint them so that they match the surrounding area.
  • Cover them with vines, trellis, and other plants that can grow over them vertically.

Besides that, there won’t be much else you need to do to cover them. We prefer the second option because houses with such greenery over their walls also look great.


This article covers all the basic things you need to know about gutters and gutter extensions; however, if you do have some questions or you need them installed, feel free to schedule a free estimate with us. We at 1-800-HANSONS can make sure your house is fully equipped with the best gutter system available that includes extensions.Β 

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