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Fall Decorating Ideas for the Outside of Your Home

Fall is here. It’s the perfect time to spruce up your home and celebrate the season in style. And with so many colors and texture all around, it’s hard to resist getting creative and doing a bit of DIY to outfit the outside of your home in the spirit of the season.

As the weather starts getting colder, a few simple ideas can warm up your house, yard, porch and front door. Decorations give your home that one-of-a-kind seasonal curb appeal that makes it the envy of your neighborhood. And to get your creativity flowing, here are some fall decorating ideas for the outside of your home that will surely inspire you.

Hang a Garland Over the Entrance

A fall garland can instantly turn the entrance of your home into an enchanting portal straight out of a fairytale. Red, yellow, orange and golden brown oak, maple, or magnolia leaves will blend wonderfully with the fallen foliage already surrounding the support beams of the front porch roof.

Place Pumpkin Votives on the Poarch

Take out your carving knife and cut our stylish shapes from several pumpkins until Halloween. Choose one or two patterns like stripes or dots and repeat it. All that’s left to do then is place the pumpkins on the porch and light up the candles.

Line Luminaries on the Front Steps

Paper luminaries are simple and effective DIY project you can do with kids that immediately illuminate your front steps. Pick up some paper bags and some leaves from the front yard. Trace the leaf shapes to cut them from the bag, and then place a couple on each step with a candle lit inside.

Hang Leafy Wreaths on Windows

With so many leaves around, it’s hard to resist not making several wreaths from those gorgeous red, gold and hazel hues. Pick up the fallen leaves from the yard, tie them into circles and hang them over your windows to add some color and care for your vinyl windows.

Create a Harvest Inspired Window Box

Fall is an ideal time to plant some flora to decorate your windows. Install a rustic window box and embed some vines, ivy, ornamental cabbage and Virginia creepers to add a bit of life around your windows. As the weather turns colder, the plants will start changing. They will provide your windows with a new shade of color with each passing day.

String Glow Lights on the Porch Roof

Who says lights should only be reserved for Christmas? Simple glow lights or fairy lights can add warmth to ambiance outside your home. Place them beneath the porch roof, so you can illuminate your other decorations when the day turns into night.

Assemble a Pumpkin Patch in the Front Yard

Last but not least, visit your local farmer’s market to stack the front of your house with pumpkin patches. Choose different colors, shapes, and textures and assemble them around the front steps, beneath the windows and around the trees in your yard.

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