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Choosing Exterior Colors for Your Home

exterior colors for your home

Picking paint colors for your home may seem like an easy task. If you choose a color that’s too blah or too bold and your whole house aesthetics is going to go up in smoke (well, not literally.)

The idea when choosing exterior colors for your home is to find one that highlights its most beautiful features and disguise elements you’d rather not have on display, like design flaws, cracks, etc. Skillful use of color will not only boost the curb appeal of your home but also add to its market value.

Check out these tips to help you find the magic color combination for your home exterior:

Consider Your Neighbors

First, but not an essential rule of choosing a color for the exterior of your home is considering the color palette of your neighbors’ homes. You can use your neighbors’ houses as inspiration for your own or play the nice card and paint your house the dominant shade of your neighborhood.

If you hate the shade and want to do something quirky, try to choose colors that at least coordinate with your surroundings. In case that’s impossible, use your neighborhood’s color in accents (you need at least a hint of cohesion, don’t you?)

Borrow From Nature

If you are lucky to live in a neighborhood that’s filled with gorgeous greenery, find inspiration in the blooming nature around you. The earthy palette of greens and browns can be perfect for your house’s exterior; if you live by the sea, fabulous shades of blue combined with a beautiful white will do the trick and give your house that exotic Mediterranean feel.

If you are a garden lover and have one in front of your home, use it to get inspired: colorful tulips, gardenias, lilacs, roses and other similarly gorgeous flowers are an ideal inspiration for the house paint, whether used as a base or in accents.

Check the Roof

Painting your house is not a “blank canvas” type of job; some colors are already established, such as the color of your roof, front gate, and fence, etc. As it’s taking the most extensive surface, the roof color (its undertones and asphalt) is an essential element to consider when choosing the exterior color for your home.

Is it metal or shingle? Terracotta, clay or slate? Since roofing materials have their colors, make sure your exterior siding paint color harmonizes with your roofing.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style and Era

No matter how artistic you are, you need to tone down your creative urges if your painting job is conditioned by your home’s architectural style and era. Your exterior paint scheme should work with the style of your home, whether you have a mid-century modern ranch, a Craftsman bungalow, or a Queen Anne Victorian. Imagine a New England saltbox in a pale yellow. Awful, right?

These days, your paint job is more straightforward as many paint manufacturers can guide you through historically accurate colors and even offer them in their shops. You don’t have to follow historical guidelines blindly but using them as a valid point of reference would be great.

When choosing paint colors for your home’s exterior; opt for those that will not only emphasize your home’s beauty and character but also bring out all the gorgeous architectural details. If you want to consult with experts, click here for a free estimate from 1-800-HANSONS.

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