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Signs Your House Needs New Siding

Signs Your House Needs New Siding

The first thing anyone will notice about a home is its exterior. This includes everything from the roof to the color to even the details such as your windows and siding. Your home’s exterior siding actually serves two purposes. The first is provide protection from the elements and the other is to provide an aesthetically pleasing look to match the rest of your house.

Unfortunately, even the best siding material will ultimately break down or suffer from unexpected damage due to extreme weather. And at some point, it may show signs that it needs to be replaced.

Here are 7 warning signs that your house needs new siding.

Bubbling or Blistered Siding

Bubbling and blistering can happen when siding is exposed to extreme amounts of moisture or heat. You can replace only the affected areas of the siding with new panels.

Frequent Need of Paint

If you last painted your house only a couple of years ago and already see that the paint hasn’t adhered to the siding well, it could mean that it’s damaged as damaged siding can start to chip, crack, and peel prematurely.

An Increase in Your Power Bills

When your siding is performing poorly, it could mean that heating and cooling could be escaping through it. Add that to low-grade insulation and you’ll really notice the excess heating and cooling bills.

Warped or Rotted Siding

Take a walk around your home and inspect your siding regularly. Sometimes, the problems are staring right at you. Some rotting can be visible. Not only is it not pretty, but it also means that your siding may not be performing its job well anymore.

Rot on the outside can mean it’s rotten on the inside, indicating that it’s definitely time for new siding.

Moisture and Mold Inside the House

Siding is meant to protect your home from the elements. However, if it’s damaged, it may cause mold and mildew inside the house because it’s letting in moisture. Once this happens, not only will you need a professional contractor for new siding, but you’ll need to call someone to deal with mold too as it can be hazardous to the health when mishandled or inhaled.

Cracks, Gaps, and Holes

Cracks, gaps, and holes could mean moisture is seeping into the structure of your home and potentially compromising its integrity. Those cracks and gaps aren’t just letting in water and moisture; they’re also entryways for critters and insects. Even the smallest holes in your home’s siding can be a major cause for concern. Like cracks, these holes can also attract insects, create water pathways, and allow the elements of nature to come in.


Different siding material means different life expectancies. If you notice that the color on your siding is fading, it could indicate that it’s reaching the end of its lifespan and it’s time for replacement.

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