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6 Home Exterior Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

Home Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Home

When it comes to your home’s exterior, a little can go a long way! Here are our best tips to improve the value of your home.

Enhance your garden

Make sure you clean up your back and front yards. Pull out weeds, plant flowers or new bushes, re-mulch, and reseed dead grass areas. Buy a couple of big pots and plant flowers in them to accent your front entrance. Ideas are countless when it comes to gardening!

New Paint

Most prospective buyers tend to look at what they have to work on in the homes that they want to buy. Repainting your house can cause less worry on the buyer and adds to the appeal of the home. That being said, don’t experiment with color choices. Choose warm and neutral colors, like tan, taupe, or white.

You want to be sure that potential buyers can see themselves inside your home, and having an inviting exterior color is appealing to more buyers. If you do have the need to add some brighter colors, you should make sure that they aren’t too much and can go well with the neutral base. You can consult your local home improvement store to discuss your budget and options.

Outdoor Lighting

Emphasize all of the hard work you have done in your yard this summer with strategically placed lighting. You can install solar lights along the walkway or back-light beautiful trees and bushes to create a magical glow around your exterior. Tastefully located white string lighting can also add a special flair to any space.

Replace The Roof

Although it’s the most expensive home improvement on this list, roof replacement has the best ROI as well. Roof replacement isn’t just about keeping your home dry. You can also make decisions about new materials and finishes that can make a big difference in the aesthetic of your house’s exterior. Although plants greatly contribute to a home’s curb appeal, most of them, unfortunately, won’t last nearly as long as a new roof, which has an average lifespan of 20 years!

Window and Door Replacement

Upgrading your doors and windows will not only provide better curb appeal and increase the resale value but also prepare your house for the cold season. The increased energy efficiency decreases your energy expenses as well.

Make sure the driveway looks neat

Adding a driveway to your home is one of the best home improvement investments. Most potential buyers prefer a driveway since they want an option to drive from the home to the main road without affecting the home’s landscape. If you already have a driveway, make sure that it is neat. Also, work on asphalt coating. You can also consider a colored asphalt to add a special touch. Make it aesthetically appealing with fresh flowers along the edges. Ensure that there is a symmetrical composition of flowers at both sides to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

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