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Our gutter guards have been leading the gutter industry because of the high quality materials, amazing product performance, and quick installation. Gutter guards from 1-800-HANSONS are called Gutter Grate.

Gutter Grate is designed to catch all water running from the roof while letting dirt, leaves, and other debris fall harmlessly to the ground. This works because our product utilizes gravity and surface tension. The water clings to the Gutter Grate as it curves to lead back to the gutter. Since there is nothing to hold dirt and leaves to Gutter Grate, they fall to the ground as soon as it reaches a 90 degree angle.

Cleaning a gutter is a tedious and dangerous process. Unprotected gutters need to be cleared about twice a year to keep them functioning properly. Otherwise, a list of problems can develop. These problems include, but are not limited to, roof leaks, water damage, peeling exterior paint, and mold and mildew growth.

Gutter Grate is hands down the best choice that you can make for your gutters. Call today to get your free estimate and begin the quick and easy installation that will protect your gutters for a lifetime.

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